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About Us

Who We Are

The Carolina Paddle Company (CAPACO) was established in May of 2012 bringing the world of Standup Paddling to the Myrtle Beach area.  The founder, Trent Ventura, spent a few years working in Hawaii for the world’s largest epoxy water-sports company, Surftech.  As a result of SurfTech’s superior knowledge and cutting-edge involvement in the SUP industry Trent received top-quality instruction and a dynamic understanding regarding every aspect of the sport.  After developing a passion for Standup Paddling, Trent saw the opportunity to bring the sport back to his hometown, this led to the creation of the Carolina Paddle Company; which offers SUP Lessons, SUP Retail, SUP Rental, and all of the necessary accessories! We are stoked to be building the Myrtle Beach SUP Community!



Our Mission

In 2012 we opened the Carolina Paddle Company focusing primarily on the Standup Paddle industry. We are proud to announce that we will be changing the company name to the Carolina Waterman as we will be expanding our focus to include any and all water activities; whether it be SUP, surf, windsurf, sailing, canoe, kayak, outrigger… etc.

It is our focus at the Carolina Waterman Company to promote healthy and active lifestyles by getting people of all ages in and on the water with the activity that best fits them.

We are dedicated to providing Myrtle Beach and surrounding areas with access to the highest quality SUP’s on the market.  With years of experience on a variety of Standup Paddleboards we are able to get you on the SUP you will be most happy with.  There is nothing worse than a $1200+ experiment only to find out that board just wasn’t for you.  With our rent-to-own program we can work with you to guarantee you find the SUP most suited to your needs. We are Myrtle Beach’s ONLY exclusive SUP shop and the place to go for a quality product with quality service!



Trent Ventura

“It all started the summer of 2009.  I was a surf instructor in the Outer Banks of North Carolina without a care in the world. My days were spent on the beach and nights spent relaxing with friends, life was good.  It wasn’t until I heard some of my friends talking about their after summer plans to move to the Hawaiian Islands.  Stoked on the dream of consistent clean surf on an island in the middle of the ocean I started planning.  When fall arrived I was ready to go, I tried getting in touch with the crew but, to my dismay, they all bailed. I was on my own, so with eyes shut I hopped on a plane and worked my way west.  After a week and a half of traveling, sleeping in airports, bus rides, cab fares, etc., I arrived in Honolulu, HI.  I spent the next 3 years working, surfing and playing in paradise.  The Lord blesses;  only one month after arriving on island I landed a job at SurfTech Hawaii.  The world’s largest epoxy surfboard and SUP distributors.  We had hundreds of boards in our rental fleet, and I was encouraged to try all of them.  Watching the rapid growth of Standup Paddling in the 3 years I was on island I knew it was only a matter of time before its stoke reached the East Coast.  It was during a visit back home in Myrtle Beach in August of 2011 that I realized this is just what Myrtle Beach needed. Wilmington, NC had a handful of SUP shops; Charleston, SC did as well.  Myrtle Beach didn’t have any exclusive SUP stores; The bug bit me.  The next 8 months I planned and schemed to bring this sport to Myrtle Beach.  Having paddled everything from your basic beginner models all the way up to competing on top of the line carbon fiber race boards, I’ve tried them all.  If you are interested in paddling for fun, exercise, competition, or just something to catch a few waves on… I can put you on the board you not only want, but need.

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